RICE BRAN MEAL     Rice Bran Meal
YELLOW Maize     Yellow Maize
Maize GRITS     Maize Grits
SOYA MEAL     Soya Meal
CORN STARCH     Corn Starch
LIQUID GLUCOSE     Liquid Glucose
CORN     Corn
Maize STARCH     Maize Starch



Sweetener, Liquid Glucose, Corn Syrup or Glucose Syrup are synonyms and are usually manufactured by subjecting starch to high temperature in the presence of acid. However, Liquid Glucose of same Dextrose Equivalent can be manufactured by enzymatic conversion but the spectrum of saccharine will differ and so also the properties, in comparison to acid converted Sweetener. We deal in the finest quality Sweetener in the market. Pure Liquid Glucose is a simple sugar synthesized from foodstuffs especially fruits. It acts as the major source of energy for cells and tissues of living organism. The liquid Glucose offered by us is used as instant source of energy in case of de-hydration and weakness. It is also administered to patients suffering from jaundice.

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