Maize Gluten Meal     Maize Gluten Meal
YELLOW Maize     Yellow Maize
Maize GRITS     Maize Grits
SOYA MEAL     Soya Meal
CORN STARCH     Corn Starch
LIQUID GLUCOSE     Liquid Glucose
RAPESEED MEAL     Rapeseed Meal
RAISINS     Raisins
SUNLOWER MEAL     Sunflower Meal
GUAR MEAL     Guar Meal
RICE BRAN MEAL     Rice Bran Meal
SWEETENER     Sweetener
CATTLE FEED     Cattle Feed
MILLET     Millet
Bajra     Bajra
WHEAT     Wheat
MAIZE GLUTEN     Maize Gluten
POULTRY FEED     Poultry Feed
BROWN REISINS     Brown Reisins
Maize     Maize
JOWAR     Jowar



We are leading Suppliers & Exporters of Sorghum. Sorghum is the fifth most important cereal crop in the world after wheat, rice, Maizee and barley. It is found in the arid and semi arid parts of the world, due to its feature of being extremely drought tolerant. The nutritional value of sorghum is same as of that of corn and that is why it is gaining importance as livestock feed. Sorghum is also used for ethanol production, producing grain alcohol, starch production, production of adhesives and paper other than being used as food and feed. Sorghum is popularly known as "Jowar" in India.

This crop originated in the north eastern quadrants of Africa and was first time domesticated in Ethiopia some 5000 to 7000 years ago. Mostly found in the wild, sorghum is now cultivated in farms and plantation zones as a domestic crop. Sorghum was introduced in India some 3000 years ago from the Middle Eastern nations. We offer our clients processed sorghum clients in conformance to the international food quality standards.

Under this category we provide our clients with crops such as groundnut, wheat, barely, Maizee, sorghum, potato, rice and cotton

Pests that infest the sorghum crops are as follows:

  1. Flag smut
  2. Karnal bunt
  3. Leaf stripe
  4. Seeding blight
  5. Loose smut
  6. Seeding blight
  7. Scab (tubers)

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