Maize Gluten Meal     Maize Gluten Meal
YELLOW Maize     Yellow Maize
Maize GRITS     Maize Grits
SOYA MEAL     Soya Meal
CORN STARCH     Corn Starch
LIQUID GLUCOSE     Liquid Glucose
RAPESEED MEAL     Rapeseed Meal
RAISINS     Raisins
SUNLOWER MEAL     Sunflower Meal
GUAR MEAL     Guar Meal
RICE BRAN MEAL     Rice Bran Meal
SWEETENER     Sweetener
CATTLE FEED     Cattle Feed
MILLET     Millet
Bajra     Bajra
Maize     Maize
MAIZE GLUTEN     Maize Gluten
POULTRY FEED     Poultry Feed
BROWN REISINS     Brown Reisins
SORGHUM     Sorghum
JOWAR     Jowar
CINNAMON     Cinnamon
Maize STARCH     Maize Starch
BLACK REISINS     Black Reisins
CINNAMON STICKS     Cinnamon Sticks



We are leading Suppliers & Exporters of milling wheat which is easily digestible. The energy value of milling wheat is also quiet high. The fiber in the particle size of the fiber is extremely small, the fiber in milling wheat is less effective in stimulation and is also easy to consume. Our milling wheat is also energetic and contains high protein and energy.

Wheat from latest crop 2008-2009 :

  1. Test weight, 78 Kg /HL Min
  2. Moisture: 13% Maximum
  3. Protein 11.5% Min. on dry basis (N x.7.5)
  4. Ash 1.7 Max. On dry basis
  5. Falling No/Sec: 270 Min
  6. Foreign matter (Sandstone, Clay, Chaff, Metal...etc) 0.5 to 1%Max
  7. Heat damage Kernel 0.2% Max
  8. Total Damage including heat damage kernel 0.4%Max
  9. Broken and shriveled grains 2%Max
  10. Grains & Seeds of other crops 0.3%Max
  11. Seeds of Weeds 0.1%Max
  12. Ergot if any 0.01% Max
  13. Wheat being with natural color and odor
  14. Grains of wheat being mature and full
  15. Wheat being free from alive Insects/Weevils or their fragments and
  16. substantially free from dead insects
  17. Wheat should be Genetically Modified free
  18. Wheat to be free from Chemicals harmful to Human and/or Animal consumption
  19. Packing-50 kg pp bags or bulk

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