Maize Gluten Meal     Maize Gluten Meal
INDIAN YELLOW Maize     Indian Yellow Maize
YELLOW Maize     Yellow Maize
Maize GRITS     Maize Grits
SOYA MEAL     Soya Meal
CORN STARCH     Corn Starch
LIQUID GLUCOSE     Liquid Glucose
RAPESEED MEAL     Rapeseed Meal
RAISINS     Raisins
SUNLOWER MEAL     Sunflower Meal
GUAR MEAL     Guar Meal
RICE BRAN MEAL     Rice Bran Meal
SWEETENER     Sweetener
CATTLE FEED     Cattle Feed
CINNAMON     Cinnamon
JOWAR     Jowar
MILLET     Millet
Bajra     Bajra
WHEAT     Wheat
DI CALCIUM PHOSPHATE     Di Calcium Phosphate
POULTRY FEED     Poultry Feed
BROWN REISINS     Brown Reisins
YELLOW Maize     Yellow Maize
Maize STARCH     Maize Starch
BLACK REISINS     Black Reisins
MILLING WHEAT     Milling Wheat
Maize FLOUR     Maize Flour
CORN     Corn
MAIZE GLUTEN     Maize Gluten
DE OILED RICE BRAN     DeOiled Rice Bran
GOLDEN RAISINS     Golden Raisins
CINNAMON STICKS     Cinnamon Sticks
SORGHUM     Sorghum
Corn Flour     Corn Flour



Yellow Corn – (Maize)

We also offer extensive range of Maize. The Maize offered by us is widely appreciated for its purity and fine quality. This Maize is packed in a safe packaging so that they can be stored for a longer period of time. We do not compromise with the quality of this Maize and so we test this Maize before supplying to the client. Maize is ranked second to wheat among the world cereal crops. Some 70 countries produce Maize 1, 00, 000 hectares or more, 53 from the developing nations. Developed market economies account for 30% of the global Maize area, but provide 50% of the total production as their average yields is three times higher than the world average. Developing nations accounted for 60% of the world total Maize area, but produce only 40% of the global harvest (Timothy et al., 1988). In 1996, the total area under Maizee production was 141, 116, 000 ha with a total yield of 590, 091, 000 metric tons of which 266, 214, 000 tons were harvested for grain. The distribution over the continents reflects the relative importance attached to Maize in the different regions. North America with 41, 064, 000 ha produced over 50% of the world’s production in 1998. It had a mean yield of 6.48 tons/ha. South America had 19, 612, 000 ha under Maize (2.88 tons/ha), Europe had 13, 251, 000 ha (4.783 tons/ha),

  1. Food
  2. Animal Feed.
  3. Wet milling industry for production of various products such as corn starch, liquid glucose, etc
  4. Dry milling industry for production of corn grits , corn flakes , corn flour , etc which are used in the manufacture of extruded snacks , etc
  5. Corn is also available in the form of Popcorn which is a ready to eat snack.

Standard specifications of Indian yellow corn:

MOISTURE                                    MAX 14%
FOREIGN MATTER                        MAX 3%
BROEKN                                       MAX 3%
ADMIXTURE                                  MAX 2%

PACKING                                      BAGS / BULK

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